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What Is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A managed service provider is an outside company that oversees the IT services to another company or entity by maintaining and operating their IT infrastructure and end-user systems with a focus mostly on small to medium-sized businesses that lack in-house IT capabilities to meet their present and future IT demands. Businesses often consider partnering with MSPs to benefit from their technical expertise. An MSP can be provided on-site, be received via  remote IT support  from the Managed services facility, or through the cloud.

Managed IT Services, Built for Small & Midsize Business

Popquiz MSP is holding an open enrollment period for any business looking for a new managed service provider (MSP). We only have a limited number of client openings available. We do this so we can ensure our users optimal service times to resolve any issues. We provide our clients with fast and responsive results and we do this by limiting ourselves to how many clients we can service. 

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