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Brian Murphy & Walter States

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In the beginning, there wasn’t really a set goal or a plan in mind. It started off as an idea of interest with a small team of ambitious individuals serving residential clients by repairing their computers and home networking issues. Some of us had background experience in business while others had a more technical understanding and formal education. Through determined trial and error, we were able to build a foundation by combining our skills and from that the concept of Popquiz MSP came to be. 

We discovered that the primary focus of our business limited our potential. Although we continue to support our existing and future residential clients, we seek to expand into the business world where we look to provide the best support possible all while acquiring new skills and knowledge in the field. In order to provide our customers with quality service we explored further business partners and opportunities with various vendors and suppliers. 

Today Popquiz MSP has grown to become a staple in many businesses day-to-day functions. Our down-to-earth approach helps us keep a casual, easygoing relationship with our clients and our years of experience built a company culture that pushes our technicians to not only provide 5-star support but to genuinely care for the users they are supporting. Our customers are not treated as ticket numbers and should not feel as such.

Not everyone understands technology and that is why Popquiz MSP is here to be your cheat sheet to a better business!


We always ask: “Is this decision/action/initiative/plan building credibility with our clients?


We solve problems by challenging the status quo

Our Core Values


Set clear expectations and deliver them on time.


Our client’s happiness relies on a disciplined approach.


How we treat our clients is our competitive advantage.