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Are you looking for AI- Based Advanced Cloud Application Security for your Small Business or Enterprise Business?

Enterprise Grade Security Solutions for automated continuous Data Protection.  At a Small Business price-point. Cloud-Based Threat Detection with DNS Filtration and Artificial Intelligence(AI)

We are your Trusted Technology Partner for Advanced Cybersecurity Tactics (that hackers don’t want you to know about).

It’s all about your Data:

Data is the world’s most Valuable Resource. Data Security is increasingly important as businesses grow and store more data, and more valuable data. Our Comprehensive Advanced Cloud-Security Services are designed to be among the most secure and robust cyber-threat mitigation services available. These services will enable your business to operate reliably without worrying about ransomware attacks, data breaches or other advanced cyber threats. We can prepare Advanced Cloud Based Monitoring as a stand alone solution or as part of a cyber security package specifically for your business.

Identify key incident response team members and roles.

We will then associate them to incident response roles (if applicable). We will ask questions and gather information regarding your IT environment. This will help us begin to search for the attack-vector and identify proper ways to make sure the process is moving along quickly and properly.  Documentation surrounding this is going to be important, especially if it’s needed for insurance.

We will determine if any security incidents have occurred- or verify they have not.  Or is this due to something else? If you’re completely down, we will prioritize getting your business up and running first (as long as there are no roadblocks).

Cloud Computing Security At Its Finest:

Security threats can linger anywhere if your network lacks critical security measures. Hackers are always on the prowl, continuously making attempts to compromise and extract valuable data from your network- or even encrypt it and hold it ransom (ransomware-attack-remediation services for the rescue). It’s important to always keep your network and data safeguarded 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

 To prevent tragic data loss, we provide clients with our DNS Filtering threat detection system. This system is a predictive cloud-based security platform that leverages the internet to take in millions of data points per second to identify suspected threat origins, and then block users from access, and submit a report into our logs.  This will enable our team to evaluate the specific threat which has been blocked. This cloud-based security service will continuously monitor real-time threats 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our DNS Filtering pinpoints the origins of viruses and other network threats.


Advanced Cloud Application Security VS Managed Cyber Security Services:

Cloud application Security Services and Managed Cyber Security Services are not mutually exclusive. Advanced Cloud application security can be offered independently, or as a tenant of a Proactively Managed Cyber Security Program. Cybersecurity is an ongoing task.  

Cloud Application Security Service can be a very effective advanced threat protection service on its own- but it still only accounts for one aspect or one layer of a total cybersecurity solution. Cloud application Security service can be used as a stand-alone service, but it’s more effective to at least take a look at the other layers and areas of your total network and complete network security posture- and button them up as needed.

 While our artificial intelligence-based Cloud Security Service is highly effective– our Complete Managed Service offers the advantage of relying on Multiple-Layers of Cyber Security. With an all-inclusive Managed Cyber Security Program you will receive additional computer security measures like ongoing security testing and assessments, proactive monitoring and alerting. Monthly reports from our monitoring system,  managed encryption for laptops/tablets, email security monitoring; and endpoint-based malware protection on each pc.  

This is where Artificial Intelligence meets full automation (at least from your team’s perspective). Your team focuses on your business, our team will focus on your IT and the Cyber Security aspects of your business. It’s the new-age-way to leverage protection against cyber dangers like ransomware and trojan attacks.

If you’re not interested in having a completely managed cybersecurity solution- we would still advise you to keep all cyber security aspects in check. You should always keep a sharp control on access management surrounding important internal data. Always make sure to keep effective and consistent access control policies. Endpoint protection for each system is always a plus, and an up to date firewall is helpful.

Interested in our Security and process, but you’re wondering what are the first steps involved?

It depends.  If you’re interested in just the cloud-application security aspect, we can discuss your business details and move forward with that as a stand alone service.  

If you’re interested in a more full-featured service, the first step in our interaction would be information-gathering. We aren’t going to say that we need a completely detailed cybersecurity assessment or IT Audit, but either of those are going to give us more information to work with.

We can move forward based on your assessment of your cyber security needs, or it can be provided based on our assessment of your network. These services are offered as a separate consulting service, in order to guide your business in the right direction..  As part of the cybersecurity assessment we can conduct a penetration test or vulnerability scan. This will provide a more detail-oriented analysis of your overall network cyber security posture.

Is PopQuiz Managed Services the Cybersecurity Service provider to Help your business with your interest in Advanced Cloud Application Security?

With So many IT Consultants and IT Security Service Providers out there- it’s hard to honestly say that we are “The best Cyber Security Service Company.” However-we strive to be very competitive and always maintain a value-driven approach for all of the services we offer. 

Additionally, we are a Trustworthy, Nationally Recognized IT Service and Cybersecurity Service Provider. Our technical services follow industry-guidelines, and we will meet mandated compliance regulations (as needed). We strive to provide top-tier service by offering a unique total value proposition when all aspects are considered.

All of our Cybersecurity service related processes and procedures follow guidelines as identified by NIST. This enables your organization to understand that we are dealing with your information properly, and legally. You can find more specific information related to the handling guidelines including processes and procedures here:


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