Cloud Consulting

Business Services for Growing Companies​

Are you interested in Cloud Consulting Services for your Small to Medium Sized business (SMB)?

Maybe you have a plan- and just need a Team of Cloud Experts to help Roll Out or Deploy your Cloud Solution?

Evaluate PopQuiz Managed Services as your Strategic Cloud Service Partner in Cloud Consulting and Cloud Computing Services.

Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Consulting Services are part of a Growing Market:

In the increasingly networked business world, cloud-solutions are quickly becoming a key driver in digital-transformation. With mass cloud-adoption on the rise for many business types- we see many experienced cloud consultants popping up with new businesses all over the place. Using Cloud-Based Services enables on-demand access to computing needs like increased capacity, limitless Scalability, Technology-Flexibility, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity aspects of their business.

Here are some of the more common areas a Cloud Service Provider Cloud can help your Business:
  • Hosted desktops, and Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Email Spam Protection
  • Managed AntiVirus Protection
  • Hosted VoIP solutions
  • Cloud Data Backup
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure
  • Line of Business Application support
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Administration
  • Microsoft Azure Administration
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Administration
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • And more
Typically, Businesses run These Key Issues with Cloud Solution Providers (CSP’s):  It’s important to look carefully for a service provider.

Several clients have complained about Cloud-Consultants or Cloud Service Providers for a variety of reasons.  Most negative feedback usually includes something along the lines of either “They are unresponsive,” or “They charge too much.” 

This can happen for a variety of different reasons. Most commonly- it seems like it’s due to a lack of business model maturity (for the tech service company).  Service delivery will always lack complexity in a 1-man tech shop, or a 2-Man Tech Shop.  Many different IT Consultants handle service distribution and service delivery ineffectively.  PopQuiz Is Different.

Additionally, Cloud Service Providers end up overcharging (or so it seems).  This is because they NEED to bill service hours in-order-to make a living.  This creates a scenario where Cloud Service Providers become “bill-happy” and may take longer on service-related tasks (even if they don’t realize it). PopQuiz is Different.


PopQuiz is Different. Introducing PopQuiz Managed Services. A new breed of Cloud Solution Providers:

Our business model makes us unique- it enables us to be very cost-effective- like the smaller service provider, but also highly responsive and flexible. This equates to client satisfaction. We do all of this while maintaining reasonable cost. We’re much more cost- effective than larger competitors- all while offering the most robust solution available.

Enjoy the best of all worlds:

  •  Reasonable Pricing like you would have from an independent consultant
  • Top-Notch Expertise and high level of service you would have from a larger scale IT Consulting organization. 
  • All of this while maintaining an effective degree of responsiveness for a white-glove style interaction.
What if you Engage with PopQuiz Managed  Services for Cloud Services- How might we be able to help you?

It’s a quick conversation to identify a few details of your business- and gauge your needs.  We will determine which category of help your business needs.  Depending on the category, we can make a more specific service interaction type, service delivery model, and pricing.

(1) Cloud-Strategy Consulting for businesses who need help planning.  Businesses who aren’t sure what to do from a Technology Perspective:

Cloud Strategy Consulting:  You need help developing a plan, and (maybe) execution of the plan.  This would be a Cloud Strategy Consultation Service.  If you aren’t sure what you need, we can give you a free review / technical assessment. The preliminary assessment would be about an hour-long phone call. Our team of Cloud Computing Experts will work with you to determine which services can be tailored to meet your needs.

(2) Cloud-Consulting Services for businesses for businesses with a plan in place.  Businesses who know what they need from a Technology Perspective:

Cloud Consulting Services: If you do know what you need, and you’re just looking for a tech-team to help with a cloud-based project– just let us know. This could be a Cloud Roll Out or a Cloud-Deployment as a couple examples.  If You already have a Plan, and You’re just looking for an expert to assist with execution of your plan.  We can provide pricing quickly.

3)Managed Cloud Services – Ongoing Support and Managed IT Support for:

Managed-Cloud Services:  If you are looking for ongoing support for an Existing Cloud Solution, this would be classified as Managed Cloud Services.  This can be offered in combination with solutions that we’ve built, or on a pre-existing solution.

While we don’t require ongoing support services for all cloud related service projects- it can be helpful for reducing up-front costs, while solidifying a longer-term support solution. Signing up for an extended support service will provide your business with professional services monthly.  This oftentimes enables us to offer lower pricing on the initial project.

PopQuiz Managed Services offers a variety of Cloud Services:
  • Cloud Services for Small to Medium sized Businesses
  • Cloud Consulting for Enterprise Level Businesses and Larger Companies
  • Schools and Educational facilities Need Cloud Services
  • Cloud Computing for Municipalities and Government Agencies
  • Healthcare offices and Hospitals
Are we the Best Cloud Consulting Company or one of the Top Cloud Service Providers?

With so many Cloud Computing Services, cloud consulting services and Cloud Managed Services in the marketplace today it’s hard to honestly say that we are the “Best Cloud Services Company.

However, we always strive to be a competitive, top-tier service provider by offering a unique total value proposition for all services we offer. When you evaluate cost, response time, reliability, knowledge across the board, efficiency, effectiveness- you will see that we are priced very competitively.

Our organization is a Trusted, Nationally-Recognized Professional Cloud Services Provider. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Google are just two examples of our hard work and dedication to providing cloud success for our clients.

Our full suite of Cloud-Service offerings includes Cloud Management Services, internal cloud platforms, partnerships with various cloud-related vendors. Additionally, we work closely with data-centers.

These resources combined with our in-house technical experience surrounding cloud systems enables our organization to provide innovative value-based solutions that represent real-world business enhancements for all of our clients. We invite you to take the cloud journey with us!

Do you have questions on leveraging Cloud Services for your business?

Reach out to PopQuiz Managed Services Today for a no-obligation review of your Technology needs.  Simply use the method of contact which suits you best- the web form or the phone number (833) 767-7849.

A PopQuiz Team member will schedule a phone call to make a preliminary assessment of your technology needs.  We will be able to provide you with pricing without taking up too much of your time.