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Are you interested in Cloud Migration Services for your Small to Medium Sized business (SMB)?

PopQuiz Managed Services is your Strategic Cloud Services Partner for your Cloud Migration Strategy needs.  We’re proficient in Google Cloud as well as Microsoft Cloud based products and services.

Maybe you need help planning, maybe you’re just gathering information, or maybe you just need a team of experts to help with your Cloud Migration?

Cloud-Computing Technology and Cloud-Based Services are rapidly gaining mass-adoption:

Cloud adoption is on the rise, everywhere. In the business world, Cloud-Computing is quickly becoming a key-driver in digital transformation.  Many businesses have already eliminated the need for on premises servers, as well as additional hardware and the maintenance costs associated with running those machines.  However, saving a few dollars per month shouldn’t be the only reason to move forward.  The larger reason why cloud services are better is for operational efficiency and scalability.

Migrating to Cloud-Based Services enables on-demand access to computing needs like:
  • Increased Capacity
  • Limitless Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity 
  • Higher efficiency for existing resources
  • And more


Our team of Cloud Consulting Experts can assist with your digital transformation. We can review your business requirements and help you understand the pros and cons regarding your Cloud Migration..

Regardless of the intent behind your Cloud Migration journey, Race Computer Services is here to help. Here are some of the Most Common areas where Cloud Migration Services can help: 

  • Hosted desktops, and Virtual Desktop infrastructure(VDI): We can host virtual machines in either private-cloud or public cloud methods.
  • Email Server Migration: We can assist in moving from an on-premises Email Server to a Cloud based service.
  • Web Server Migration: We can help migrate an on-premises Web Server to a Cloud Service or a data center
  • Data Storage Solutions:  We can migrate data storage systems to ClouD Data Backup, or turn it into a hybrid solution
  •  Email Service Migration: We can migrate email from one service provider to another. For example, we can migrate from Gmail to Microsoft Service.
  • Line of Business Application Support:  While most software companies offer hosted cloud solutions, some don’t. When hosted solutions aren’t available- we can offer a cloud application migration in order to move your business application from a local server to a cloud environment. This would require virtualization in most cases.
  • And more…..
Cloud Migration Consulting Versus Cloud Migration Services.  What is the Difference?

In certain cases, a business may have an understanding of what they need to do (from a technical perspective), and in other cases, the business doesn’t have an understanding of what their needs are (from a technical perspective).  It’s important to figure out which category you need help in, and then we can solidify a service offering that fits your needs.


Consulting for Cloud Migration Services- Businesses who need some planning and guidance.

Cloud Migration Consultation:  If you aren’t sure what you need, we can provide a technical assessment or consultation.  Our team of Cloud Computing experts will work with you to determine which cloud services can be tailored to meet your needs.  We can advise you on what you need, then carry out the services, or you could ultimately choose to carry out the services from another channel.


Cloud Migration Services for Business who already have a plan in place.

Cloud Migration Service or Deployment: If you do know what you need-and you’re just looking for a price for a specific cloud migration project- just let us know. We will ask you a few preliminary questions. Provided that your needs are something we can help you with, we will provide you with pricing for your project.


Ongoing Support and Managed IT Support for Cloud Infrastructure after a cloud migration service:

Most of our client-relationships are built upon supporting a business that we’ve already built out cloud computing infrastructure for. The next step is to support it. While we don’t require ongoing support, it can be helpful for reducing up-front costs. Signing up for an extended support service will provide your business with professional services on a monthly basis oftentimes enables us to offer lower pricing on the initial project.  

Lowering up front cost is oftentimes very helpful for our clients. We see it as a win-win for our business as well as the client company.  As the business relationship moves forward and your systems are more streamlined for efficiency, it becomes less of a burden to pay us with the extra profits you’re making after your system is running more effectively- the ultimate win-win situation. Businesses are rapidly embracing cloud-technology, and each is creating its own cloud strategy While cloud service providers differ in their definition of the cloud, it is safe to say that cloud computing is computing using the Internet instead of a personal computer or premise-based server to store, process, and manage data.


Some of the Cloud Based infrastructures we support:

IaaS ( infrastructure as a service iaas): is a service model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations. This can consist of storage, hardware, servers and network components. The cloud technologies provider owns the equipment and is responsible for hosting, running and maintaining it. This cost-effective solution offers scalability, guaranteed physical security and redundancy because the host uses multiple remote locations. Several specific solutions would fall into this category.

SaaS (Software as a Service SaaS): is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a service provider and accessed through the Internet SaaS’s advantages include easy administration, automatic updates, streamlined collaboration, and global access. While SAAS is quite vague, since many things can be saas, we can support most of these directly, or under our vendor management aspect of our ongoing support agreements.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) or VDI (Virtual Desktop infrastructure):  DaaS is used by companies and customers who need accessible business-critical data in a timely, affordable, and protected manner. PopQuiz Managed Services can lease Virtual desktops on an as-needed basis. This can be of benefit in a variety of instances, but one common instance would be- access to software that you may not need 24×7.


PopQuiz Managed Services offers a variety of IT Services in addition to Cloud services, as well as Cybersecurity Services. PopQuiz Managed Services has dealt with IT Support and Cloud Services For:
  • Cloud Services for Small to Medium sized Businesses
  • Cloud Services Enterprise Level Businesses and Larger companies
  • Cloud Services for Schools and Educational facilities Municipalities and Government Agencies
  • Cloud Services for Healthcare Offices and Medical Facilities
Are we the best Cloud Provider for your Migration Project?

With so many Cloud Solution Providers (CSP)’s out there- it is hard to honestly say that we are the Best Cloud Services Company. But we can definitely help you with your Cloud Migration needs such as a data migration or a Google Cloud Migration effectively. We’ve done many cloud migrations over the years and we can surely help you move to the cloud seamlessly.

We are very responsive, cost-effective, diligent and we’re a nationally recognized Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Our established partnerships with Microsoft, Google as well as many other industry-known solutions are the core of our business strategy and help define our capabilities and key competencies.

When you evaluate cost, response time, reliability, knowledge across the board, efficiency, effectiveness- you will see that we are priced very competitively. Collectively, our tech team covers all areas where a small to medium sized business may rely on their IT partner.

Do you have questions on Using PopQuiz for your Cloud Migration Project?

Reach out to PopQuiz Managed Services Today for a no-obligation review of your Technology needs.  Simply use the method of contact which suits you best- the web form or the phone number (833) 767-7849.

A PopQuiz Team member will schedule a phone call to make a preliminary assessment of your technology needs.  We will be able to provide you with pricing without taking up too much of your time.