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Are you Looking For Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Consulting Service for your Small Business?

Evaluate PopQuiz Managed Services- Google Cloud Experts for your Google Cloud Platform Consulting, Administration and Management needs.

Perhaps you need Google Cloud Platform Administration or Management Services?

Many Small to medium Sized Businesses Can Really Benefit from Google Cloud Platform:

Overall, some would say it’s an improved choice for almost any business. Google Cloud Platform has a lot of features in it. There’s not much that CAN’T be done with it! 

Just to name a few things it can handle Hybrid Multi-Cloud, Server-less,  and AI.  AI is one of Google’s Main accomplishments, and one of their engineers even believes Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a conscious life form.  So what this means is- maybe google cloud could even become its own ecosystem with living beings in it?  Maybe not any time soon!

Anyways-hybrid Multi-Cloud, Server-less,  and Artificial Intelligence. It also has feature-rich data analytics offerings. Managing your infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform brings key advantages to your business, but most importantly it’s cost-effective, secure, and enables scalability.


Many Small Businesses Rely on Outside Services to Deploy Google Cloud Services:

While certain large and Enterprise Businesses may have the internal resources to deploy and administer their own cloud-based platforms, many smaller businesses aren’t as capable.  This means they must rely on external help, such as contractors or Cloud Service Providers.

Google Cloud Consulting Services or Google Cloud Platform Administration can be a good help to any small business needing a nudge in the right direction. Perhaps the business owner isn’t a techie, or maybe they’re just too busy to do certain aspects of the rollout or migration internally.

Sometimes A Reliable And Effective Cloud Service Provider can be hard to pick:

Businesses in the position of moving or migrating from one system to a new business platform are oftentimes already in a reasonably large undertaking.  Oftentimes, who to pick may become an additional burden, especially if you make a poor choice. 

 If you’re not technically savvy, it can be a challenging task to determine who is a reliable provider.  Especially when it may be based on information you don’t really know- which could create an additional level of difficulty.

Do you go with an Independent Consultant?  Or a More operationally Developed Service Provider?

When Looking into Google Cloud Service Providers or Cloud-Consultants-any business can end up stuck with who to pick.  Some businesses aren’t sure whether they should rely on a seasoned independent consultant, or a larger organization.

You’re probably going to find a wide range of pricing for services, time frames, and certainly a varying degree of dependability. You may want to evaluate both options, learn a little about each option, and then make the choice that makes the most sense for your business requirements.

If you’re going to go with an independent service provider- it’s always a great idea to ask the consultant what their experience is with Google Cloud Services. 

Management Teams run into These Key Issues when looking for a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Consulting Service Provider:

Many of our existing clients have complained about Google Cloud Consultants or Google Consulting Service Providers for either High Prices or Slow Response times.

  1.  High prices.  Hourly pricing can oftentimes create a mismatch in price versus value.  This can be due to hourly fees.  Billable hour Versus Hours spent mismatch.
  2.  Slow response times. Sometimes Service providers are unable to respond quickly enough- when ongoing support is needed.
  3. Lack of Specialization.  When hiring a google cloud consulting service provider, its important to recognize the level of experience this person or business service has with the google cloud platform.

This can happen for a variety of different reasons.  Most commonly- it seems like these instances are due to lack of business model complexity. Smaller service providers don’t have abilities to resolve these issues reliably. Smaller Cloud-Solution-Providers can’t have an effective service delivery model because they are one-person or 2 person operations. Independent consultants have difficulty providing effective and reliable service delivery on a consistent basis.  PopQuiz is Different.

Smaller Service Organizations are also stuck to an hourly billing model.  For this reason- they need to bill you for as many hours as they can- just to make a living.  When you run out of projects or service hours to give them- it can be very difficult to gauge their level of ability to respond consistently.  PopQuiz is Different.

PopQuiz Managed Services is Different Breed of Google Cloud Platform Service Provider- Introducing PopQuiz Managed Services

Our platform-style approach to service delivery is unique because of the strategic interaction between our internal team and our service distribution network. This gives us the ability to provide a higher level of service than local cloud-consultants, and more flexibility for our clients-with thorough documentation as needed.

 We have an established internal core team of technology and cloud experts. They are responsible for managing our client equipment, responding to alerts from our monitoring systems, and keeping things up and running securely.

Enjoy the best of All worlds:

  • Reasonable Pricing like you would have from an independent consultant
  • Top-Notch Expertise and high level of service you would have from a larger scale IT Consulting organization. 
  • All of this while maintaining an effective degree of responsiveness for a white-glove style interaction.


Google Cloud Consulting Versus Google Cloud Platform Administration and Management:

If you’re looking for a proactive service with ongoing service delivery, that would be more of an administration or managed service in most cases. If you just need certain assistance occasionally, we recommend consulting for google cloud instead of managed services.


GCP Consulting Services from Race can help in the following areas:

Google Cloud Infrastructure has a ton of capability, perhaps more than most other cloud platforms. Race Can help provide technical expertise in all areas. 

Cloud Console enables users or Administrators to easily adjust anything on the GCP Platform such as google cloud functions, monitoring cloud resources, network as well management for virtual machines and much more. Just ask us about your use-case, and we will be able to gain some information and help push you in the right direction.


Are we the best Cloud Services Provider (CSP) for your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Consulting Service for your GCP Administration and Support needs?

With so many Cloud Service Providers and Consultants out there offering services surrounding “Google Cloud Architecture”– it’s hard to honestly say that we are the “Best Cloud Services Company.” However, we can effectively keep your system up and running on google’s infrastructure.

Additionally, we’re also a nationally recognized and Trusted Cloud Solutions Provider(CSP)– for Google and Microsoft Services. Whether you’re trying to move into infrastructure management on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or if you’re looking to outsource part of your current responsibility in managing your current GCP environment- you can Trust Race Computer Services to get the job done.

When you evaluate cost, response time, reliability, knowledge across the board, efficiency, effectiveness- you will see that we are priced very competitively. Collectively, our tech team covers all areas where a small to medium sized business may rely on their Cloud Services Partner.


If you’re ready to Your Google Cloud Services to the Next Level:

Reach out to PopQuiz Managed Services Today for a no-obligation review of your Technology needs.  Simply use the method of contact which suits you best- the web form or the phone number (833) 767-7849.

A PopQuiz Team member will schedule a phone call to make a preliminary assessment of your technology needs.  We will be able to provide you with pricing without taking up too much of your time.