Business Services for Growing Companies​

1. Service Description:

We provide managed IT and cybersecurity services to businesses of all sizes. Our services include network management, data backup and recovery, cloud computing, and cybersecurity consulting.


2. Fees and Billing:

Our fees are based on the scope and complexity of the services we provide. For larger projects or services, we may require a deposit or pre-payment before work begins. We also reserve the right to require a credit card on file to ensure timely payment of invoices. Fees may be invoiced on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to increase pricing due to our costs going up.


3. Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Our SLA defines the scope and quality of our services, as well as our response times, uptime guarantees, and service level commitments.


4. Data Security and Confidentiality:

We take data security and confidentiality very seriously. We use industry-standard security protocols and comply with all relevant data privacy regulations. We require all clients to sign a confidentiality agreement before engaging our services.


5. Termination:

Clients may terminate their agreement with us at any time with 30 days’ written notice. Any termination fees will be further discussed in the client’s contract. We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with a client if they fail to comply with our terms and conditions.


6. Intellectual Property:

Any intellectual property created by us during the course of service delivery belongs to us. Clients may not use our intellectual property without our permission.


7. Warranties and Disclaimers:

We offer a, 30-day limited warranty on our services. However, we do not guarantee that our services will be error-free or uninterrupted, and we disclaim any other warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We are not liable for any damages arising from the use of our services.


8. Jurisdiction and Governing Law:

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, USA, and any disputes arising from our services will be resolved in the courts of Philadelphia County.


9. Changes to Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be communicated to clients via email or on our website. Clients who continue to use our services after changes have been made agree to the new terms and conditions.


10. Client Responsibilities:

Clients are responsible for providing accurate and timely information to us, as well as for complying with all relevant laws and regulations. Clients are also responsible for maintaining the security of their own systems and data.