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Are you looking for Microsoft Active Directory Administration Services or Microsoft Active Directory Consulting Services?

PopQuiz Managed Services can bring your IT To the new age- with Active Directory Services.

Evaluate PopQuiz Managed Services as your Cloud Services Partner(CSP) for Microsoft Active Directory Consulting and Administration Services

Do you need Active Directory Services For your Business?

Businesses may need to enhance their Computer Network with Active Directory for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it can be due to rapid growth, and in other cases it can be a security-related need.  Regardless of the needs your business has, it’s important for you to make the right choice when selecting a service provider to help with your Active Directory needs.

Businesses run into several issues with Active Directory Consultants:

In the Cloud Services Business world, we’ve noticed two primary complaints regarding Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) as well as other businesses offering Active Directory services:

  • Businesses Feel like Cloud Service Providers are too expensive.
  • The Service is unreliable.

This can happen for a variety of different reasons. Most commonly- it seems like it’s due to a lack of business model maturity.  Service delivery will always lack complexity in a 1-man tech shop, or a 2 man tech shop.  Many different IT Consultants handle service distribution and service delivery ineffectively.  PopQuiz Is Different.


Additionally, Active Directory Service Providers end up overcharging (or so it seems).  This is because they NEED to bill service hours in order to make a living.  This creates a scenario where Cloud Service Providers become “bill-happy” and may take longer on service related tasks (even if they don’t realize it). PopQuiz is Different.

The problems are cyclical in the Tech Service marketplace for several different reasons.  But it seems like the main problem is business model development.   Popquiz is Different.


PopQuiz Managed Services is a different type of Cloud Service Provider:

Our business model makes us very unique. Our strategic model enables us to be cost-effective like the small guys but also highly responsive and offer a larger degree of flexibility. 

This model enables us to operate with more responsiveness than small service providers-which equates to client satisfaction. We do all of this while maintaining reasonable-cost. In most cases, we’re much more cost-effective than larger competitors; all while offering the most robust solution available.

We have the ability to offer complete and proactive management for your windows server infrastructure, as well as operate and Manage your Azure Active Directory Services. We will also help migrate your Microsoft exchange server (it’s out of date anyway) and button up your overall  Network security posture with improved access control policies and additional improved security measures.

You can Determine our level of interaction or role:

We have designed our spectrum of services with a high degree of service flexibility. You can have as much or as little control of your network resources or Cybersecurity features as you’re comfortable with. Each business is different, and we’re aware of that.  We can work within your scope, and provide a support service that meets your needs.

If PopQuiz is contracted to operate in a Managerial fashion, with our Active Directory Managed Services. We can operate on a reactive basis, or a per project basis.  We can also operate in a Co-Managed interaction where we can have specific responsibilities based on your business needs and your comfort level.

Microsoft Active Directory without Managed Services. Roll outs, Setup Configuration And Active Directory Deployment:

Microsoft Active Directory Consulting Services: Perhaps you already know what you need.  You want to set up and configure a Microsoft Active Directory System.  You’re just looking for a Roll Out type of project. 

PopQuiz Managed Services can provide pricing according to your requirements, and business needs. We usually provide services for clients who are looking for a longer term business relationship, so we are happy to integrate an ongoing support type of agreement for any deployment we handle.  This enables us to provide you with a level of comfort for future needs-in our ability to support solution offerings, without a large monthly cost.

Microsoft Active Directory Administration in A fully Managed Environment:

Microsoft Active Directory Managed Service:  This can be set up in a way where our administrators use secure methods to control network resources and security features in a way that fits your use-case.. Our Tech-Team can easily manage your Microsoft Active Directory environment as well as much of your computer-network; regardless of the number of sites your business has, or where they are located.  Additionally, we will create an alert monitoring system that identifies possible Cyber-Threats and we’ll respond to alerts according to the agreement specifications. We can integrate reports to make it easy to keep track of your users, computers, and other network resources.  This is part of our effort to “Remediate Ransomware Attacks, before they happen.” This includes a number of features that make it easy to keep track of your users, computers, and other network resources (embedded into the service).

Microsoft Active Directory Administration in A Co-Managed Environment:

Microsoft Active Directory Services, Co-Managed:  If you’re looking for a Support Company that can allow you to Run your Microsoft Active Directory Services, but one who will supply backup support in certain cases- this would be a co-managed service. We can help.

We can help configure access control policies according to your needs; or help you to create certain group or category access control limits according to that group, we can set this up in a way that Administrators in your company have a higher level of control, and our team has a lower level of access, or no access at all.

Are we the best Cloud Consulting Company for your Microsoft Active Directory Services Project?

With so many Cloud-Service Providers offering Microsoft Active Directory Services in the marketplace- it’s hard to honestly say that we are the “Best Microsoft Services Company” for your Active Directory Services. We always strive to offer excellent value for our clients.

We strive to be a competitive, top tier service provider by offering a unique total value proposition.  We are reliable, you can count on us to get the job done smoothly and effectively.  We are a Nationally Recognized Microsoft Partner. We’ve been able to obtain this through our expertise and technical competency throughout all Microsoft Products we support.

When you evaluate cost, response time, reliability, knowledge across the board, efficiency, effectiveness- you will see that we are priced very competitively. Collectively, our tech team covers all areas where a small to medium sized business may rely on their IT-Partner.


Do you have questions on leveraging Microsoft Active Directory Services for your business?

Reach out to PopQuiz Managed Services Today for a no-obligation review of your Technology needs.  Simply use the method of contact which suits you best- the web form or the phone number (833) 767-7849.

A PopQuiz Team member will schedule a phone call to make a preliminary assessment of your technology needs.  We will be able to provide you with pricing without taking up too much of your time.