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Are you Looking for Server-Virtualization Services?

Do you have a server on-site? Would you like to have it uploaded onto a Cloud-Based Platform?

PopQuiz Managed Services Is Your Strategic Partner for Virtualization Services.  We Also Support VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Or maybe you have 2 physical servers on-site, and you’d want to run both servers on a single machine?

Both of these situations are examples in which virtualization might be able to help you achieve a business goal. Technology can become more expensive as your business grows, but there’s a simple solution: improved efficiency. System Virtualization is a good way to help operational efficiency for several reasons.  Virtualization can help minimize your hardware requirements by enabling you to run multiple machines on one server, whether it’s on-premises, or running from a cloud-based service. 


But what IS virtualization? Simply put, it’s a method for running multiple windows machines on a single server.

It allows running multiple instances of Operating Systems (OSes) and Applications on a Single Computer in which each of the operating systems and applications, runs as a self-contained system inside a virtual container. A review of the terminology associated with virtualization will help to bring the idea to life in your mind:

Virtual Machine Monitor-VMM: the software layer that is installed over the host Operating System. It enables the provisioning, setup, and switching between Virtual Machine Consoles, or Virtual Machine Graphical User Interfaces.

Host Architecture: A computer which will become a host machine into which guest OSes (or guest virtual machines) will be installed, is called the host. The host machine requires its own base OS upon which a hypervisor is installed. It is upon that hypervisor software layer that VMM is installed, to allow users to provision and run guest OSes. 

Bare-Metal Architecture: The software layer hypervisor is directly installed on system hardware, thus allowing direct access between I/O devices and the VMM. This improves I/O performance with real time OS support.

Advantages of Virtualization:

In earlier times, a single user required a whole dedicated system to perform various tasks. At nearly any point in time, more than 90% of the system’s capability was not in use. The under-utilization of resources increased the resource cost. At the same time, the IT Desktop Support Process was difficult because it was not easy to upgrade, patch, maintain, and ensure system recovery measures on many computers simultaneously. Each machine had its own single OS image, with software and hardware tightly coupled. Multiple application executions created conflicts. With virtualization came the following benefits:

  • Efficient Use of Hardware Resources:  Making multiple operating systems and applications run on the same hardware, at the same time, increased hardware utilization—thus reducing infrastructure costs and making maintenance a relative breeze. 
  • Improved Development and Test Efficiency: By reducing the amount of time it takes to set up hardware and software, and reproduce test environments.
  • Improved Server Availability: By using fewer physical computers than would be needed in a legacy business configuration that uses only physical computers. Available resources can be easily increased or reduced in response to changes in demand.
  • Enhanced Administrative Productivity and Responsiveness: Virtual machines can be provisioned to any system. Management and deployment of OSes, with their associated applications, as single units encapsulated into virtual machines is accelerated and simplified. Rapid deployment of new servers to address changing business needs becomes a simple process.


Benefits of Virtualization:
  • Consolidate your IT assets to accomplish more with fewer resources, saving energy and money.
  • Run Macs and PCs on the same system without conflict.
  • Automate many business processes with policies you determine, simplifying regulation compliance.
  • Improve application performance, and keep employees productive.
  • Avoid fees for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.
  • Simplify disaster recovery with easily restored, and automatically backed up, systems.
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities from aging, or unpatched systems.
Virtualization is an advanced technology, and it’s not necessary for every business. That’s why we don’t just sell and set up virtual services—we help you determine whether you NEED virtualization. Our service includes:


  • Consultation on virtualization services, and analysis of your business to determine the need for virtualization.
  • Setup of new Virtual Network Environments.
  • Ongoing support for existing, and properly running virtual environments.
  • Management of Desktop Virtualization.
  • Management of Server Virtualization.
  • Management of Virtualized Network Services.
  • Deployment of the latest in virtual Network Security Solutions.
Small Businesses have had These Key Issues with Virtualization Services with Network Administrators and Network Service Providers, specifically regarding Virtualization Service Consulting and administration:

Over the years of Providing Technical Consulting Services and Network Administration Services for a variety of different clients- we’ve heard several complaints about previous providers. In many instances, it’s not the fault of the service providers in question.

Oftentimes, the client’s dissatisfaction is due to the nature of One-Man Service Shops, or Two-Person Tech Companies. Companies with this type of structure can’t deliver and scale an operationally mature service model unless-they have only several clients

Two of the most common issues are pricing, and reliability, (and lack of specialization):

  • Reliability. It can be important to find a service provider that you can rely on, to build a relationship over time. Reason being -you may need this service provider to perform additional services later-on. The lower price services will usually show to be less-than-reliable for long term needs. PopQuiz is Different.
  • Pricing. Many clients have complained about pesky hourly fees. Such as the computer consultant who will try to spend that extra 15-30 minutes onsite, just to charge an extra fee. Independent Contractors may charge reasonable hourly rates in some cases. When they rely on service-hours to make a living, their goal is to bill as many as possible. PopQuiz is Different.  
  • Lack of Specialization.  Clients have not complained specifically about lack of specialization for previous providers.  However- lack of specialization in the Tech industry creates a scenario of a large number of Jack of All Trades, Master of none type of technicians. PopQuiz is Different.

Many Consultants bill in lower hourly rates, but may oftentimes take considerably longer providing the services, (possibly because they’re still figuring out how the specific technology works).  In some cases, you may find a specialized consultant- but they are going to charge slightly higher. PopQuiz is Different.

Introducing PopQuiz Managed Services- A Different Type of Cybersecurity Service Provider:

We’ve heard almost all of the complaints in the industry– and we’ve managed to grow our business by providing a solution to these common challenges. In many cases, the poor outcome is just due to the nature of One-Man Service Shops, or Two-Person Tech Support companies. One-Man Companies have a limited-service delivery model. We have solved this

Our platform-style approach to cyber security service delivery is unique because of the strategic interaction between our internal team and our service distribution network. We have an established internal core team of cyber experts- in different locations nationally. These experts manage our client’s equipment, respond to alerts from our monitoring systems, and keep things up and running securely.  Our extended team of technicians is our extra “feet on the ground” for client on-site services in a variety of locations throughout the country. These service providers are registered internally within our business platform, and our business enables them to operate and grow.

We accomplish this achievement by staffing a back-end support team and building relationships with independent Service Providers with different specialties in a variety of different areas. We provide these service vendors with a variety of assets, value-added materials, and we use this to build a Service Partner Distribution Network.

PopQuiz Managed Services provides Professional IT Services for:
  • IT Services for Small to Medium Sized businesses (SMBs)
  • IT Services for Schools
  • IT Services Healthcare Offices
  • IT Services for Government Offices and Municipalities
Are we the best IT Company for your Virtualization Project?

With so many Technical Service Providers and Technical Consultants offering Virtualization Services in the market- it’s hard to honestly say that we are “The Best IT Company” for your Virtualization Services. We always strive to be a competitive, reliable, and a Top-Tier Service Provider by offering a unique total value proposition.

When you evaluate cost, response time, reliability, knowledge across the board, efficiency, effectiveness—you will see that we are priced very competitively. Collectively, our tech-team covers all areas in which a small-to-medium-sized business might need to rely on their IT Partner

PopQuiz Managed Services  can help with your virtualization requirements, whether it’s using VMware, or another comparable solution.  This will  simplify all aspects of your IT infrastructure, increase flexibility, and be more cost-effective than running multiple servers.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your virtualization needs, there is no obligation:

Reach out to PopQuiz Managed Services Today for a no-obligation review of your Technology needs.  Simply use the method of contact which suits you best- the web form or the phone number (833) 767-7849.

A PopQuiz Team member will schedule a phone call to make a preliminary assessment of your technology needs.  We will be able to provide you with pricing without taking up too much of your time.