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Managed IT Service is basically unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee. We’ll charge you a flat rate each month to proactively monitor your IT workstation and infrastructure, rather than bill you hourly or fix issues every now and again. 

With our managed services, we’ll keep checking on your organization to reduce the number of problems you have over time. Like this, you’ll have fewer problems and we’ll be able to provide you our services without extra costs on our part.

Think of it like this: we’ll act as a third party to manage your IT infrastructure. This includes checking on your hardware, software, or any combination of the two. Two-thirds of businesses use managed IT services, hiring a managed service provider like us to look after their IT.

With us, you can focus on running your day-to-day operations while we focus on fixing your system on a regular basis. We’ll work on your system, payroll, server, backup and recovery, and security too, of course. We’re even capable of updating your Cloud system to be sure that all of your information remains safe.